Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Best Navy Foxes Music of All Time - Top 5 And Why

1) "White Winter time Hymnal" from Navy Foxes (2008)

Imagine going for a sleigh drive on a warm, but cool winter day. You see the pumpkin heads or scarecrows of plants sleeping and listen to the sleigh alarms buzzing, as the cool air refreshes your respiratory system. That's what White-colored Winter time Hymnal stands for for me. This music is only one line recurring three times. Navy Foxes presents themselves to the musical technology landscape with this individual off of their first record that shows their clean harmonies along with simple instrumentation. The group has gone on to cover more floor than what is proven in this music, but this music condenses them to their essential components. You'll listen to it once and it won't keep you.

2) "Your Protector" from Navy Foxes (2008)

The 8th monitor off of their first appearance record was an anthem. With less (but still quite a few) oral harmonies than White-colored Winter time Hymnal, Your Guard features the group's capability to use instrumentation successfully. The emphasize of this music for me is the flute aspect that describes the personality of the whole music. The tambourine-plus beat contributes to the feeling that this music was published and conducted around a fire somewhere and sang to the celestial satellite.

3) "Blue Variety Mountains" from Navy Foxes (2008)

Again back to the concept of careful instrumentation along with dense harmonies under numerous reverb, Red Variety Hills shows the substance of Navy Foxes. The almost stroking violin aspect that appears to be like it is being conducted in an old-west saloon, places the scenery along with a easy instrument. The music seems like a increase through the timber in springtime with high evergreens all around you and the audio of a reducing flow in the qualifications.

4) "Helplessness Blues" from Vulnerability Doldrums (2011)

Another anthem from the group, Vulnerability Doldrums was the headline monitor from the group's second record. As the droning instrument places the scenery and manages the beat for the first 50 percent of the music. Of all their songs, this one informs me most of a common Simon & Garfunkel track. The second 50 percent of the music is presented along with more instrumentation such as some drums and an instrument. Throughout the music the words perspective in and out of balance... something we've come to anticipate and appreciate from the group at this point.

5) "Montezuma" from Vulnerability Doldrums (2011)

Montezuma informs me a lot of White-colored Winter time Hymnal off of the group's first record, but this music appears to be more like summer months instead of winter. Instead of two connected oral collections we listen to a choir audio assisting the main line as in White-colored Winter time Hymnal. As regular, the easy individuals style instrument manages all of the instrumentation. This music is most comparable to relaxing in a grassy area on a mid-summers day viewing the atmosphere flow by along with my roaming ideas.

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